Accessibility Policy

Updated 21 November 2018

Accessibility is the term widely used to describe how easy it is for ALL visitors to read, navigate and interact with website content.

Our Website

We aim to create website designs which are easy to use by everyone and anyone.

Skip Navigation Link

All WYNCHCO website designs include a hidden SKIP NAVIGATION link at the top of the screen to enable users of screen readers to jump straight to the main content on any one page.

See for yourself when you select the TAB key followed by the ENTER key when you first land on a web page.

skip navigation

Colour Contrast

Our choice of colour contrast (or textual content colour combinations), easy to read fonts and punctuation throughout reflects the importance we place upon the provision of content that is accessible to all.

Three Click Rule

We adhere to the 'three click rule' in an effort to provide a website navigation structure that is both intuitive and logical.

Responsive Design

All WYNCHCO template designs are responsive. Website visitors can easily read, navigate and interact regardless of device (phones, tablets and PCs) and screen size being used.

Limited use of Tables

We only ever work with tables when there is a specific need.

Concise Content

We aim at all times to write website content that is concise and easy to understand.

When we add forms to a website design,  we employ a logical tab sequence and labels to identify the input required.

Plain English

When asked to write website content we use simple English, short paragraphs and short sentences.

And we use punctuation. Every sentence ends with a full stop.


We periodically test web pages using the Google Chrome Vox screen reader.

Read more: Google ChromeVox .


Assistive Technology

Whilst we endeavour to make our website accessible to everyone we would encourage you to personalise the accessiblity settings of your web browser and computer to meet your individual needs.

The BBC website offers useful advice for how to:

  1. use your computer's accessibility features, or
  2. install assistive technologies.

Visit: BBC My Web.

Tell us what you think

We welcome feedback and undertake to do our best to address and resolve any accessibility issues which you bring to our attention.

Contact: Customer Support.

Accessibility and WYNCHCO Website Designs

WYNCHCO website designs are created using the intrinsically accessible Joomla!® 3 Content Management System.

When creating responsive WYNCHCO template designs we aim as a minimum to comply with the:

  • general requirements of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 Level A, and
  • textual content colour combination requirements of WCAG 2.1 Level AA.

Exemplar Content

We include examples of accessible text and image  content in every WYNCHCO website design.

UK Equality Law

UK equality law requires that companies and other organisations take reasonable steps to ensure that as many disabled people as possible have full access to goods, services and places of interest.

This legislation extends to the provision of information and services via the internet.