Keep your hands on your Joomla! and your eyes on the JED!

joomla support coach trainer cheshire manchester merseyside ukWhat has Jim Morrison got to do with the Joomla! CMS?

Read on and you will find out ...

We are constantly scanning for new releases of 3rd party extensions being used by our customers in their Joomla! websites.

Reason: so that we can ensure they are using the latest release.

Not to do so is self-defeating as new releases enable you to:

  1. benefit from bug fixes, and
  2. stay one step ahead of the hackerists

for unbeknown to you the developer may have also improved the underlying code, making the extension more secure.

Still with me?

Yesterday, I was looking for updates for a 3rd party extension called Google Calendar, when I noticed that the developer had withdrawn the extension from the JED (Joomla! Extension Directory).

Read more: About the JED.

Not a good sign.

Either they were no longer providing support or had stopped development completely.

It transpired that both were the case.

So, time to recommend to our customer a change of extension.


3rd party extensions which are no longer being developed or supported offer opportunities for hackerists to compromise your website.

Which is where Jim Morrison comes in ...

"Keep your eyes on the road, and your hands upon the wheel!"

I adapted this line from Roadhouse Blues, to create the title of this blog post.

Seems appropriate because if you are going to:

  1. drive a Joomla!  CMS website, you had better
  2. be proactive and
  3. regularly check for new developments

and in so doing avoid the Joomla! Blues!

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