Use LinkedIn? Assume your password has been compromised

joomla support coach trainer cheshire manchester merseyside ukThis week we re-learned that there was a data security breach at LinkedIn back in 2012?


Re-learned? OK, learned or maybe we forgot and learned again!

There are so many data breaches these days that it is easy to lose track.

I prefer to assume that my personal data is in a constant state of breach!

What to do?

1) Log into your LinkedIn account and change your password ASAP to one that is both UNIQUE and SECURE.

2) NEVER use the same password for any two purposes. If you do then a hack of one is a hack of them all.

3) IGNORE the reassurances from LinkedIn or anyone else; always assume the worst.

4) FREQUENTLY change your passwords.

5) Use a Password Manager to keep your growing set of unique passwords secure.

6) Keep a backup copy of your Password Manager database.

Confirm whether or not your LinkedIn account has been affected

You can also perform an online check to see whether your LinkedIn account has been compromised.

WIRED.CO.UK (see link above) provide a link to this online check at

More about Password Security

We cover password security in some detail in our Joomla! User Guide.

Whilst the guide is related to Joomla!, the advice is generally applicable.

Do take a look.

Read more: How to create secure passwords

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