Joomla! Summer of Code 2016 Highlights

joomla support coach trainer cheshire manchester merseyside ukThis year's Joomla! Summer of Code is underway, as highlighted by the latest edition of Joomla! Community Magazine.

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JSoC Highlights

There are many collaborative projects underway. All of them being conducted by volunteers.

Here I will highlight the two which grabbed my attention when I was reading the latest copy of the magazine:

  • Recording Actions Logs, Accessible by Super Admin
  • Shareable Draft Content

Both are exciting in their own right but both also promise to add value to the Joomla! CMS when they come to fruition and are implemeneted as part of a future Joomla! CMS update, or maybe as a 3rd party extension.


Recording Actions Logs, Accessible by Super Admin

This project is being undertaken by Mohamed Karam who writes:

"Imagine if the Super User could record the actions of users: who did what, where and when."


Mohamed Karam is currently a third year student at the Department of Computer and Systems Engineering at Ain Shams University, Egypt.

Mohamed's project, Recording Actions Logs Accessible by Super Admin is separated in two parts:

  1. a plugin that records the actions of the users, and
  2. a component that makes it available to view, delete and export the users’ actions logs.

Read more: Recording Actions Logs Accessible by Super Admin.


Shareable Draft Content

This project is being undertaken by Nikita Dhiman who writes that in the current Joomla! CMS:

"unpublished drafts cannot be shared. Hence, the user has to share draft (content) using external entities or services like cloud (examples: Google Drive and Dropbox), physical storage or by simple email.

"The proposed solution is to enable draft sharing using Joomla by making use of a sharable link (as seen in Google Drive/Dropbox). Anyone having this link would be able to view the draft."

Nikita Dhiman is currently a final year Computer Engineer student at St. John College of Engineering and Technology, Mumbai, India.

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