SUCURI's view of today's Security Threat Landscape

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Last week I attended two SUCURI webinars about website security.

Both were excellent.

Whilst one was targeted at companies like us which work with SUCURI to help customers protect their websites, one was aimed at ALL website owners.

It is this one which was sponsored by that I want to share with you here.


Today's website security threat landscape

The webinar was delivered by Tony Perez, SUCURI's CEO.

In it he covered:

  1. Some of the latest tactics, techniques and procedures being used by cyber criminals.
  2. The reasons why attackers hack a website.
  3. Some of the various ways you can protect your website.

Learn about some key security concepts espoused by SUCURI:

  • Defense in depth.
  • Security is a continuous process.
  • Implement complementary overlapping defensive controls.

I recommend that all JOOMLERS watch the recorded webinar and read the slides.

Watch: Today's website security threat landscape.

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