How to identify & fix a hacked Joomla! website

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In my last post I shared a link to the video of a recent webinar by Tony Perez, CEO of SUCURI.

The webinar covered some of the latest tactics, techniques and procedures being used by cyber criminals.

And how to protect your website, including Defense in Depth.

SUCURI have now followed up this webinar with another: how to fix a hacked Joomla! website.

How to identify & fix a hacked Joomla! website

OK, I know, not something anyone really wants to think about.

After all, recovering from a hack is about as popular a topic as writing a will!

I recently recommended that Joomlers participate in the webinar.

Having done so myself I would encourage you to watch the video and read the slides.

Select READ MORE to see video and slides links.

Webinar Focus

Ben Martin (Sucuri Remediation Team Lead) provided a necessarily fast-paced guide to fixing a hacked Joomla! website.

Prevention, identification and recovery from a hack is after all a very BIG subject.

And not one that can be packed into a 30 minute presentation.

But this webinar did provide a very useful precis of DOs and DON'Ts - see my summary of key learning points below.

Some key learning points covered by the webinar

  1. Keep your Joomla! CMS and its extensions up to date at all times.
  2. Use the latest release of any and all applications (web, computer, mobile device).
  3. Use complex unique passwords for anything requiring login.
  4. Use a Web Application Firewall to reduce the risk of being hacked.
  5. Back up frequently and store back up copies of your website OFF the production server.
  6. Use a Virtual Box if you choose to attempt a recovery of a hacked website after download from the web.

Watch the video, read the slides and make some notes when you do.

You will quickly increase the size of the above list threefold!

Watch the video.

View the slides.

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