Internet predicted to morph into Splinternet during 2017

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If like me come 3 PM on Xmas Day you are bored and looking for a distraction, forget shopping online.

eBay and Amazon will survive another day without you!

Instead pop over to Nesta 1 and click through their really interesting 10 Predictions for 2017.

These include the following stimulating titles:

  • Vegetarian food gets bloodthirsty
  • Lifelong learners
  • Blockchain powers a personal data revolution
  • The rise of the armchair volunteer
  • The Splinternet
  • Web icon cut by scissors
  • Classroom conundrums, tackled together
  • A new artistic approach to virtual reality
  • Computer says no: the backlash
  • Box with code turning to crosses
  • Next generation social movements for health
  • Placards with health icons
  • How Brexit turned the UK German

OK, lifelong learners is not the raciest title for a prediction but vegetarian food gets bloodthirsty sounds at least as good as a Michael Crichton novel!

Which predictions caught my eye?

Two in particular:

  • Blockchain powers a personal data revolution, and
  • The Splinternet. 

Strange that there appears to be no mention of the impending rise of digital currencies in this set of predictions.

But maybe Bitcoin, Fintech and Disruptive Technologies will make it into the 2018 list, or they were in last year's!

I could be wrong about this year's list of predictions as I've not read them all ... yet.

But you can when you visit the following link.

Read Nesta's 10 Predictions for 2017.

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