Joomla! Community Magazine Stats provide food for thought

joomla support coach trainer cheshire manchester merseyside ukIt was with interest this morning that I read in the Joomla! Community Magazine a summary of the online magazine's readership stats for 2016.

The stats were compiled using Google Analytics and shed some light on the nature and behaviour of the magazine's readership.

They serve as a useful model for businesses and organisations looking to make sense of the overwhelming amount of data that Google Analytics throws at you.

When reviewing Google Analytics it is important to focus on distilling some key findings to feed into your organisation's internet marketing strategy, rather than succumb to paralysis by analysis!

So what did I glean from my first scan and second slower reading of the Magazine's stats for 2016?

Read on to find out.


Some Key Findings

The % of readers located in the UK rank 8th after Spain (1st), United States (2nd), Mexico (3rd), Colombia, Germany, France and India.

Spanish (including regional variations) is the first language of 36% of readers.

The vast majority of readers are male  (78%).

Only a small proportion of readers are return visitors (25%).

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Food for Thought

How could the proportion of readers who are return readers be increased?

  • Magazines, unlike books, are not meant to be read once and then placed on a shelf.

What needs to be done to encourage readers to return and return again?

Why are most readers male?

What is the reason for female Joomlers not reading the magazine?

What is the best way to serve Spanish speaking readers?

  • A separate magazine?
  • A language translation of every article?
  • A language translator plugin?

Why do fewer readers live in the UK (a member of the G7) than in countries with smaller populations and national income?

How can UK Joomlers be encouraged to engage more with the magazine?


Knowledge is Power

There are of course other tools you can use to analyse traffic to your website.

Google Analytics is however a good place to start.

Have you added Google Analytics to your website?

And if you have, are you reviewing the results like the Joomla! Community Magazine editors are doing?

I would encourage you to read the Community Magazine report and then undertake a similar exercise for your own website.

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