Have you lately checked your website's Page Load Speed?

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And if you did, what did you  find?

Following a recent Joomla! CMS update we checked the Page Load Speed of the Home Page of one of our demonstration websites.

We used the YSlow Browser Add-on.

We were not impressed when we saw the result!

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So we decided to check a few things, including whether:

  1. Page Caching was enabled,
  2. Gzip compression was enabled and supported by our hosting provider,
  3. we could make some changes to our website's .htaccess file to further improve performance.

All of the above helped, but we saw the biggest improvement when we installed and configured 3rd party extension: JCH Optimize.

When we re-tested our website's Page Load Speed we were mighty pleased!

See for yourself ...


jch isfun on a 90

A big improvement, we think you will agree!


What is Page Load Speed?

Page Load Speed is how long it takes for a web page to load in the visitor's browser when they click on a link.

Slow loading web pages result in frustrated visitors abandoning your website and not coming back!

Faster loading pages means more interaction, more page views, and more sales enquiries if you are a business.


How to check Page Load Speed

There are some great free tools you can use to check how fast your pages load when visitors browse your website.

For example:

  • YSlow Browser Add-on.
  • GTmetrix Performance Reports.

You will find links to these and other useful tools in our Joomla! User Guide.

Read more: Useful links to help check Page Load Speed.


How you can further improve website performance

You can improve website performance by focusing on speed when you:

  • choose a hosting provider, and
  • administer your website.

Read more: How to speed up your website.

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