Happy Unique Complex Password Day!

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12.01 AM on the first Thursday in May saw the dawning of this year's World Password Day.

So I could wish you 'Happy World Password Day'.

But I would rather wish you a Happy Unique Complex Password Day instead!

Why wish you a Happy Unique Complex Password Day?

Using any old password will not protect you for more than a few seconds in the face of a brute force attack.

If you want to protect your Joomla! website or anything else from a brute force attack then you MUST use a UNIQUE and COMPLEX password for every application and website you use.

Use a UNIQUE password for your

  1. Joomla! CMS Control Panel login,
  2. Hosting Control Panel login,
  3. FTP login (when separate credentials are supported by your hosting company),
  4. email account, and
  5. every other application you can think of.

Use a COMPLEX password when you do

  1. 16 + characters.
  2. no repetition, usernames, dictionary words, letter or number sequences,
  3. not using relative or pet names, likes, dislikes, romantic links (current or past), or biographical information (e.g., ID numbers, ancestors' names or dates) - or anything you publish in your social media profile!
  4. numbers and special characters as well as letters (Exampl: . - _ ! " £ $ % ).
  5. upper-case and lower-case letters,
  6. random, and
  7. unmemorable.

Find out more useful password info when using passwords in our Joomla! CMS Security Guide, including:

How easy is it for a password to be hacked?

What is a brute force attack?

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