Incredible: 90% NHS computers use Windows XP!

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I have just fallen out of bed!

Did I just hear BBC Radio 4 Today report that the NHS is running Windows XP on 90% of its computers?

If this is true, and not a dose of FAKE NEWS, then what the hell is going on?

Why have NHS Trusts not updated their operating systems?

Why has the UK Government not mandated them to do so?

Why has Microsoft not been able to convince NHS operators to upgrade their OS (operating system)?

What steps are being taken to protect UK national infrastructure and strategic resources?

It just occurred to me that our nuclear sub command and control system might be using Windows XP as well - nothing would surpise me any more!

If yes (and I hope not!) then maybe we should scrap Trident renewal and renew UK PLC operating systems instead.

Instead of a Trident Renewal Programme we could have an XP Replacement Programme.

Come on CND this is a gift for peaceniks everywhere: ban the bomb and XP!

Two bans for the price of one!

Sorry about all the exclamation marks!

Here's another one!

Listen to Radio4 Today (Sat 13 May 2017).

Read more: BBC News Report.

My manifesto for change!

If I were to draw up my own manifesto and run for Parliament it would include the following 7 propoals:

  1. replace Windows OS with Linux across all public bodies;
  2. replace proprietary software with open source - again across all Government bodies;
  3. where open source is not providing a suitable alternative to proprietary applications, invest in open source projects;
  4. stop indoctrinating children in UK schools with proprietary software like Microsoft and Apple;
  5. teach the next generation how to work with and develop open source technologies;
  6. make it a criminal offence for public authority managers not to back up data;
  7. impose a windfall tax on Microsoft (and other software providers) for having stood back whilst UK Government Bodies sleep walk into Ransomware Land.

Microsoft could have offered to provide free or reduced price upgrades (perhaps in lieu of paying corporation tax?) to public bodies everywhere.

Even if they did not do so - and you may even argue why should they  - one might expect large public bodies to be able to negotiate significant discounts.

Maybe Microsoft offered and the financially stretched Whitehall mandarins turned them down?

Or maybe our civil servants have not learned from previous reported fiascoes (defense procurement et al).

Maybe purveyors of digital applications should advise their customers to STOP using their product if they don't want or can't afford to keep it up to date.

Time to reflect with Matthew (7:3)

"Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?" Source: Matthew 7:3.

It is easy to blame anyone and everyone else when your computer and website security is compromised by malware.

But actually, the most likely cause of any vulnerability is YOU the computer/website administrator.

And this applies to every one of us.

So in response to the latest but surely not the last news of public body IT meltdown, let's ask ourselves some important questions.

When did we:

  • last update our computer operating system?
  • back up our important data?
  • virus scan our computer?
  • back up our backed up data?
  • review our computer firewall?

When did we last ask the same questions of our:

  • website software,
  • email software, and
  • applications used by the web servers we use for hosting our websites and email.

The latest Joomla! Security Update is imminent

Read more: in  JOOMLERS.UK NEWS.

All Joomla! CMS users should back up their websites now and plan to update their website's CMS as soon as the latest security patch becomes available.

But what if your website is already out of date?

You might well ask, because if you have not been keeping your website up to date then it may already be too late for you.

If you are using any Joomla! CMS that predates Joomla! 3.7 then you are in effect using the equivalent of XP.

The only way to be sure is to pay for a malware cleanup or rebuild your website on the latest most secure release.

You can then update with peace of mind.

But don't forget to install a Web Application Firewall when you do.

Read more: Joomla! CMS Security.

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