Use an SSL Certificate with Your Website

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There are no excuses for running a website without the addition of an SSL Certificate.

Not when Lets Encrypt enable you to add a FREE SSL certificate without having to pay high subscription charges.

And not when reputable web hosting providers make Lets Enscrypt SSL available for use via their Hosting Control Panels.

Here are FIVE reasons why we use an SSL certificate with our website.


Things to consider when adding SSL to your website

Once you have found the Lets Encrypt button in your Hosting Control Panel it is very easy to install a Lets Encrypt SSL certificate.

But you will need to invest some time making some changes to your website's:

  • Joomla! CMS Settings, and
  • Search Engine Configuration

if your website and business marketing strategy is to fully benefit from the move from HTTP to HTTPS.

We outline these changes in one of our JOOMLERS.UK Tips for Joomlers articles.

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