Protect yourself against MELTDOWN & SPECTRE

joomla support coach trainer cheshire manchester merseyside ukIn my last blog post I relayed the BBC report that nearly all computers worldwide - and many other devices - have been exposed to security flaws which leave them vulnerable to attacks by hackers.

Here are some practical steps to help minimise the risk of your computer or mobile device being compromised.

This will in turn help protect your Joomla! website from being compromised as a result of your administrator login credentials being stolen.

The steps:

  1. Check your device is using the latest available version and release of its Operating System.
  2. Check you are using the latest available release of Web Browser.

Read on for more details.


Both these security vulnerabilities affect almost every modern processor (or chip) made since 1995, including those manufactured by Intel, AMD, and ARM.

In other words, almost every cloud server, desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone in use today is at risk of being compromised by hackers exploiting these vunerabilities.

Hackers which were able to successfully exploit these vulnerabilities would be able to access and acquire data stored in the memory of programs running on these devices, including passwords, emails and critical documents.

Practical Steps

Take the following steps to help protect your data from SPECTRE and MELTDOWN.

Joomla! website administrators take note

If you visit a website from a compromised device or browser then your login credentials may be stolen.

These credentials can then be used to compromise your website.

It is essential then that you keep your device's Operating System and Browser up to date.

When using the Chrome (or Chromium on Linux) browser you may wish to enable Site Isolation to benefit from its added protection when signing into your website control panel.

Other things to consider to protect your website from hackers

As well as keeping your website's Joomla! CMS and extensions up to date, we strongly recommend that you install a Web Application Firewall.

Read more: Keep your Joomla! CMS safe and secure.

You should also add an SSL Certificate to your website's domain to encrypt your user credentials when signing into your website control panel.

Read more: We recommend free Lets Encrypt SSL Certificates.


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