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Lets Encrypt SSL certificates are FREE so there is no excuse not to use one with your website!

There are some great benefits - see below.

There are also some potential pitfalls for those who actively market their website using Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools and Adwords.

The Benefits

Improved SEO - search engines value websites protected by SSL above those which aren't.

Improved security - next time you sign into your website your password will be encrypted.

Improved confidence - visitors will be reassured when they visit your website.

Potential Pitfalls

Switching to Lets Encrypt SSL means that your website address will change

  • from HTTP://
  • to HTTPS://

which can result in broken back links and impact on the workings of Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools and Adwords.

If then you are

  • actively marketing your website on forums etc,
  • actively engaged with social media to promote your website,
  • actively using a Webmaster Tools account with Google or Bing,
  • have added Google Analytics to your website,
  • are using Google Adwords on your website,

then you should seek advice before adding a Lets Encrypt SSL certificate.

About Lets Encrypt SSL

Visit my recent post at JOOMLERS.UK for more information about Lets Encrypt SSL.

Read more: Add a FREE Lets Encrypt SSL certificate.

Our own experience

We changed our company websites over from HTTP to HTTPS several months ago without any issues arising.

Assuming no Google Adwords, Google Analytics or Webmaster Tools then there are three tasks required to enable a Lets Encrypt SSL certificate work with your website.

These are:

  1. issue the Lets Encrypt SSL certificate via your website's hosting control panel,
  2. change Global Configuration & Login Module settings via your Joomla! CMS control panel,
  3. review and possibly re-configure these files: configuration.php, .htaccess and robots.txt.

Note: Task 1 assumes the hosting provider supports Lets Encrypt SSL - not all do.

Need help?

If you subscribe to one of our Joomla! CMS Support packages then please ask and we will perform these three tasks for you.

Thereafter, when someone visits your website they will see a reassuring padlock in the address bar of their browser.


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