Are you geared up for GDPR?

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GDPR: General Data Protection Regulations

Even the smallest business runs the risk of incurring financial penalties if it does not comply with these new regulations.

If like me you have been vaguely aware of GDPR but not yet acted, now is the time.

The new regulations come into force in May 2018.

I found that reading the article at the following link was useful.

When I did, two questions came to mind:

  • how might GDPR affect any business or organisation, big or small?
  • what practical steps might help a business/organisation comply with the regulations?

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How might GDPR affect any business or organisation, big or small?

Four things come to mind.

You may be able to think of some more.

1) Data storage

Encryption of computer equipment used to store stakeholder data.

Backing up of stakeholder data.

2) Communications

Encryption of communications with stakeholders.

3) Consent

Explicit consent form stakeholders for the data to be collected, for how long it will be stored and for what purpose it will be used.

4) Contracts

Reference to GDPR in contracts with stakeholders (especially customers and suppliers), for example, Terms of Service and Service Level Agreements.

What practical steps might help a business/organisation comply with the regulations?

Again, four come to mind.

You may be able to identify more depending upon the nature of your business.

1) Audit of data storage, communications, process of gaining consent from stakeholders and contracts with stakeholders (any Terms of Service which exist).

2) Focus on interactions with stakeholders - example, draw up a flow chart to identify who, what, when, where, how.

3) Identify the minimum amount of data that needs to be collected and stored for each group of stakeholders to ensure service levels can be maintained.

4) Draw up a plan of action to implement changes to ensure compliance with GDPR.


It seems that in order to comply with GDPR, large businesses and organisations are required to take steps to check that their suppliers meet the requirements of the regulations.

So why not ask any large business or organisation which you supply what they expect from your business/organisation in terms of the new regulations?

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