Bringing the Joomla! 3 Update History up to date!

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Since 2015 the average number of updates issued by the Joomla! Project has been 10 per year.

Approximately HALF of these updates have been SECURITY fixes.


2019 Jan - Apr: 4 updates (ALL security fixes).

2018: 12 updates (6 bug fix & 6 security fixes).

2017: 10 updates (4 bug fix & 6 security fixes).

2016: 8 updates (5 bug fix & 3 security fixes).

2015: 9 updates (5 bug fix & 4 security fixes).

Miss critical security updates at your peril.

Be proactive or engage the services of someone who will be proactive on your behalf.

If you are interested in the FULL release history for Joomla! then you will find it at the following link.

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What does every Joomla! website user have in common?

The shared need to keep their website safe and secure from compromise by hackers.

Whilst Joomla! websites reputedly are not as popular with hackers as Wordpress websites, they are popular and therefore make a bigger target for hackers to aim at!

This fact underscores the need to put SECURITY at the top of your list of priorities as a website administrator.


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