Wishing you a Happy Password Day!

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2nd May mark's this year's World Password Day.

Which we are happy to support.

Check out the OFFICIAL Password Day website at: www.passwordday.org.

It does have a USA focus - no UK equivalent as far as we are aware - but some useful pointers and some interesting links.

For example, the website explores:

  • how to LAYER UP, and

We would encourage you to find out about both and to NOT use any financial provider's website which does not offer these additional levels of security when you sign in.

You can add Two Factor Authentication to any Joomla! website, either by:

  • using the two factor plugin included with Joomla! 3, or
  • installing & configuring a Web Application Firewall (recommended).

You should also of course use a complex unique password for every website you sign into.

NEVER use the same password twice.

ALWAYS use a UNIQUE password for your

  1. Joomla! CMS Control Panel login,
  2. Hosting Control Panel login,
  3. FTP login (when separate credentials are supported by your hosting company),
  4. email account, and
  5. every other application you can think of.


Useful Password Tips

We include lots of useful Password Tips in our JOOMLERS.UK Joomla! CMS Security Guide.

Read more: Joomla! CMS Security Guide.


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