Joomla! Website Design Coaching Support Warrington Cheshire Manchester Merseyside UKWorld Backup Day takes place each year on 31st March.

Back in 2016, CMS Critic reported that 123-Reg had "accidentally wiped out all of their VPS servers, along with all the customer websites that had the misfortune of running on them." Source:

Crises like the one reported above underscore the importance of RESILIENCE for any business or organisation.

Resilience is the ability to cope when faced with a crisis.

Many organisations draw up contingency plans to help increase resilience.

For example: the steps they will follow if their website is hacked or they lose data.

A key plank of a contingency plan will be to restore backed up data or a website.

Which means?

Resilient organisations BACK UP DATA and WEBSITES!

When did you last back up your data or website?

Find out more about World Backup Day at the following link.

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