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The Hacker News report:

"As many as 55 zero-day vulnerabilities were exploited in the wild in 2022, with most of the flaws discovered in software from Microsoft, Google, and Apple.

While this figure represents a decrease from the year before, when a staggering 81 zero-days were weaponized, it still represents a significant uptick in recent years of threat actors leveraging unknown security flaws to their advantage."

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Protect Your Browser

The security and privacy settings of a Web Browser can usually be tightened to protect your privacy and optimise security.

There are many different Web Browser applications available for you to use.

We like Firefox.

If you use Firefox and want to review how you can tighten its privacy and security settings then you may find the following link useful.

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Protect Your Privacy

We highlight some useful links to help protect your privacy when browsing the web in our separate JOOMLERS.UK User Guide.

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