Joomla! Website Design Coaching Support Warrington Cheshire Manchester Merseyside UKWorld Backup Day takes place each year on 31st March.

But it should really be called Resilience Day, or maybe Independence Day or Self-reliance Day.

In an age when we are being encouraged, compelled even, to increasingly rely upon the internet in every aspect of our lives, we ought to take a step back and ask: what if the worst should ever happen?


A related anecdote by way of example

The UK Government is intent upon switching all land line telephone users from copper wire (analogue) to VOIP or voice over internet protocol (digital).

Read more: UK transition from analogue to digital landlines.

The above link advises how telephone users can mitigate against the effects of a power cut following this transition.

I was recently notified by my broadband provider that I would not be able to make calls directly from my land line telephone (which uses copper wire) after a certain day in February 2024.

The day came and went and since then I have been compelled to make and receive land-line calls via my broadband router using VOIP.

I immediately thought what if:

  • the broadband provider were to change my IP Address (which occurs frequently), or
  • there were to be a power cut?

A few days later, I was in the middle of conversation with a family member when the phone connection died.

The reason: the IP Address was in the process of being changed by the broadband provider. This takes several minutes.

Fortunately, I had anticipated this eventuality and was prepared.

I have a mobile phone and keep it almost fully charged and in a place where I can find it when at home.

In other words, I had a contingency plan.

So I called my relative and explained what had happened and we carried on our conversation via my mobile phone.


And so this year we are calling it Resilience Day!

Resilience is essential for peace of mind and quality of life.

Resilience is essential for:

  • individuals wanting to protect their personal data,
  • for families trying to protect their precious memories (photographs and videos),
  • for businesses and organisations trying to secure their intellectual property.

And for anyone wanting to call Emergency Services when their broadband provider changes their IP Address!


What is Resilience?

Resilience is the ability to cope when faced with a crisis.

Many organisations draw up contingency plans to help increase resilience.

For example:

  • the steps they will recover from a hacked website or loss of data, and
  • the steps they will take to enable them to recover their website and data.

Resilient individuals, families, businesses and organisations frequently back up their data and websites.

Ask yourself when did you last back up your data, email and website.


World Resilience (Backup) Day

World Resilience (Backup) Day occurs on 31st March every year.

But like Mothers Day, every day should be Backup Day.

Back up your data, email and website today!

Read more: World Backup Day.


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