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We are Joomla! Specialists offering PERSONAL and LOCAL Joomla! CMS Support.

We coach and support managers who have responsibility for Joomla! CMS websites in businesses and organisations across Cheshire. North West England & the UK.

AIM: To put YOU in control of YOUR website!

What will Training & Coaching cover?

There is no set menu.

Each coaching and training package is tailored to meet your own particular support needs.

And supported by our comprehensive Joomla! User Guides.

Read more: WYNCHCO Joomla! User Guides.


Ken Edwards - Programme Leader

joomla support coach trainer cheshire north west uk

Ken is an experienced Joomla! Coach.

He has been a Joomla! Trainer since 2008 and has more than 10 years experience working as a qualified teacher in Cheshire and the North West.


Option 1: Joomla! Trainer

Suitable for: individuals, small groups, or large groups needing support.

Booking basis: Half Day.

Medium: meeting room.

Session length: 3 hours.


Option 2: Joomla! Coach

Suitable for: individuals or small groups needing support.

Booking basis: by block of time (consisting of one or more coaching sessions).

Medium: via the internet.

One block of time: 3 hours.

One coaching session: 1 hour.


Service Charges

Service Charges will reflect the time and costs estimated by the Company to cover meeting the Joomla! Coaching, Training and Support needs of the Customer.


Service Level Agreement

We will draft a Service Level Agreement prior to commencement of coaching or training.

The provision of Joomla! Coaching, Training and Support is covered by our Terms of Service.

Read more: Terms of Service.


Next Steps?

If you want to do more with your Joomla! CMS website then we recommend that you give us a call.

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