Is your website SEO optimised?

A great website is useless if nobody sees it!

seo support coach trainer cheshire manchester merseyside ukHere we outline the building blocks of a good comprehensive Search Engine Optimisation strategy for managers with responsibility for administering Joomla! CMS websites in businesses and organisations across Cheshire, Greater Manchester, Merseyside, North West England and the UK.


What is a good Search Engine Marketing Strategy?

A good Search Engine Marketing Strategy will involve the gradual building up over time of:

  • good media mentions,
  • genuine back links, and
  • viral social media activity.

It also helps if you can get people:

  • talking about you,
  • referring to you,
  • linking to you, and
  • spreading the word about you.

It is essential that good landing pages have lots of relevant and useful content on them, and are linked to and organised in a search engine friendly way.

We believe Keyword Strategy is the lynch pin of good SEO.

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Content rules!

Current and relevant content is the best way to ensure natural improvement of your website's performance in the search engines.

This requires regular adding of new content and updating of existing website content.

The ease with which you can add and edit website content to keep it relevant and up to date is the BIGGEST reason for using a content management system like the Joomla! CMS.

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Patience is indeed a virtue!

Whatever else, be patient after making changes to your content.

It can take from one to three months before you see improvement in ranking following a change in content.

Optimising for SEO is a bit like gardening!


SIX Useful Tips

  1. Add an SSL certificate to your website, for example, Lets Encrypt SSL.
  2. Add an XML site map.
  3. Use Google Analytics with your website.
  4. Activate Search Engine Friendly URLs.
  5. Activate and regularly use the Joomla! Redirect Component.
  6. Create a custom Error 404 Page.

We can help.

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Whilst Wynchcote Limited can offer advice for how to improve your search engine ranking, we do not offer any guarantees that your rankings will improve as a result of this advice.