Optimise your website for SEO

We can help you optimise your website for search engines

seo support coach trainer cheshire manchester merseyside ukThere are three ways we can help managers of UK businesses and organisations, who have responsibility for a Joomla! CMS website, achieve better performance in search engines. We can:

1) re-configure your Joomla! CMS so that it is more secure and faster-loading,

2) recommend changes in your website content to make it more search engine friendly,

3) and provide you with coaching in how to Search Engine Optimise your website.

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Request an SEO Audit

What is an SEO Audit?

An SEO or Search Engine Optimisation Audit is a review of your website to determine whether or not changes to the following might improve performance in search engine rankings:

  • content structure,
  • navigation structure,
  • page content,
  • global configuration.

We can conduct an SEO Audit of your website even if you do not use the Joomla! CMS.


What form can an SEO Audit take?

Our initial audit will involve asking a few short questions.

We will then conduct a thorough review of your website and make recommendations for taking corrective action.


Audit Results & Corrective Action

If you are a large organisation then you may wish to commission a formal written report.

Most customers request a concise summmary of the issues we identify and our recommendations for taking corrective action.

Upon request we will undertake to implement our recommendations on your behalf.

If you run a UK business or organisation and are concerned about search engine optimising your website then we recommend that you give us a call.

Contact Customer Support on 0161 818 8228.


Content Management

We have been undertaking content management for businesses and organisations across Cheshire, Greater Manchester, Merseyside, North West England and the UK since 2008.

We can add and format website content both:

  1. faster than the average Joomla! website user, and
  2. in a more search engine friendly way.

Our service not only frees up our customers to focus on what they do best, but also complements our customers' search engine marketing strategy.

Whereas a customer may overlook metatags, image titles and image alt attributes and the like, we won't!

How is our Content Management service provided?

We can either provide content management in two ways:

  1. once only, or
  2. continuous.

If ONCE ONLY then we will ask you to send us a batch of content to be added to the website, together with your instructions.

We will then quote based upon the time we anticipate it will take a member of our team to undertake the content management.

If CONTINUOUS then we will determine your needs for a given period of time and draft a Service Level Agreement setting out what content management will take place and when.


Next Steps?

If you are concerned about search engine optimising your website then we recommend that you give us a call.

Call Customer Support on 0161 818 8228.



Whilst Wynchcote Limited can offer advice for how to improve your search engine ranking, we do not offer any guarantees that your rankings will improve as a result of this advice.