Responsive website designs for the Business Sector

WYNCHCO Website Designs put YOU in control of your company's website

Responsive WYNCHCO website designs not only respond to the needs of your website's visitors.

They respond to your needs as well.


business website design layersLAYERS

Each WYNCHCO website design comprises four LAYERS: Background, Container, Foreground, and Main Body.

Each LAYER comes with its own STYLE SET.

You can change the Look & Feel of your website LAYER by LAYER, with just a few simple mouse clicks or finger dabs!

business website design layers



Every WYNCHCO website design includes a WYNCHCO template comprising of:

  • many many combinations of styles, which we call STYLE SETS, and

which together enable you to change website branding and Look & Feel with just a few simple mouse clicks or finger dabs (if you are using a touch screen device).


It's easy to change Look & Feel

You can change the branding and Look & Feel of a WYNCHCO website design with just a few simple clicks.

Mouse-hover or dab the image to see just how creative you can be, and without having to learn how to code!

To see the original image again, refresh your browser.

business website design business website design business website design business website design business website design

Instead, simply sign into your website's control panel and follow these steps.

We show how you can toggle the settings for a wide range of STYLE SETS to change Look & Feel of your website in our User Guide.

Read more: How you can change the Look & Feel of your website.


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Responsive website design for Voluntary Sector Organisations in Cheshire and North West UKto discuss with Ken, website designer, how we can help your company.

Ken has been creating custom website designs for business customers across Cheshire and the North West since 2008.


Our office is in Warrington. We are keen to work with businesses across Cheshire, Greater Manchester, Merseyside and the North West.

If your organisation is located outside the North West, do still give us a call.

We serve the whole of the UK.


PERSONAL & LOCAL Joomla! CMS Support

We coach, help and support managers of UK businesses and organisations responsible for Joomla! CMS websites.

Read more: WYNCHCO Joomla! CMS Support Packages.