F) Demo Website Services

Updated 16 April 2021

This page (together with the documents referred to in it) sets out the legal terms and conditions on which the Company supplies Demonstration Website Services to Customers (hereafter "Demo Website Services").


1. Demo Website

1.1 The purpose of the Company providing Demo Website Services is to enable the Customer to experience using a demonstration Joomla! CMS Website (hereafter "Demo Website") for a limited period of seven (7) days (hereafter "Trial Period") before making a purchase.

1.2 The Trial Priod will commence when the Company accepts a written request from the Customer to use its Demo Website Services and the Company has contacted the Customer by telephone to confirm their requirements.

1.3 The Company may at its sole discretion terminate the Demo Website Services without notice at any time during the Trial Period.


2. Conditions of Use

2.1 When the Company provides the Customer with access to the Demo Website:

2.1.1 the Customer will be assigned Administrator privileges;

2.1.2 the Company will retain Super User privileges.

2.2 The Customer is responsible for their own use of, and the acts and omissions of others who may access, the Company’s Demo Website Services via the user name and password assigned to the Customer by the Company. Use of Demo Website Services provided by the Company is at the Customer's sole risk.

2.3 The Company does not guarantee the continued availability or the functionality of its Demo Website Services.

2.4 Without limiting the generality of any of the other conditions or restrictions set forth in these terms and conditions, the Customer may not directly or indirectly:

2.4.1 permit third party access, or take actions which result in access, or attempts to access, the Customer’s Demo Website from more than one computer at any one time per user name/password;

2.4.2 distribute or share the Customer’s Demo Website password with anyone;

2.4.3 lease, license or otherwise charge others for use or access to the Customer’s Demo Website.


3 Material

3.1 Provision by the Company of Demo Website Services is not the provision of a permanent repository for 'any and all text graphics images audio video and/or other type of electronic media' (hereafter "Material") even during the limited duration of the Trial Period.

3.2 The Company accepts no liability for the cost of interruptions, failure or delay in performance and/or replacing Material when it suspends or terminates a Demo Website and/or Demo Website Services.

3.3 The Company may destroy Material when it suspends or terminates a Demo Website and/or Demo Website Services without any liability for the cost of replacing Material.


4. Limited Licence

4.1 The Customer retains any copyright and any other rights the Customer already holds in Material which the Customer creates, submits, posts or displays on or through, the Company’s Demo Website Services.

4.2 By creating, submitting, posting or displaying such Material, the Customer gives the Company a perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free, and non-exclusive licence (hereafter “Licence”) to reproduce, adapt, modify, translate, publish, publicly perform, publicly display and distribute such Material on or through, the Company’s Demo Website Services. The Licence is for the sole purpose of enabling the Company to provide or improve Demo Website Services such as by (without limitation):

4.2.1 creating backup copies of Material;

4.2.2 enabling file sharing;

4.2.3 transmitting Material over various public networks;

4.2.4 making changes as necessary to conform and adapt Material to the technical requirements of connecting networks, devices or Demo Website Services.

4.3 The Customer confirms and warrants to the Company that the Customer has all the rights, power and authority necessary to grant the above Licence (see 'Demo Website Services Terms Clause 4.2').


5. Third Party Services

5.1 The Company’s Demo Website Services may include advertisements, links or other connections to third party websites and resources, including those which may offer fee-based products and services.

5.2 The Customer acknowledges and agrees that the Company:

5.2.1 is not responsible for, and has no liability to the Customer with respect to, the acts or omissions of such third parties, including (without limitation) any of the websites, products or services offered by those third parties;

5.2.2 makes no representations or warranties concerning any of those third parties or their products or services.


6. Eligibility

6.1 The offer of the Company's Demo Website Services is restricted to any one Customer who:

6.1.1 is resident in the United Kingdom (UK), and

6.1.2 can provide the Company with a verifiable UK landline telephone number.