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Incredible: 90% NHS computers use Windows XP!

joomla support coach trainer cheshire manchester merseyside uk

I have just fallen out of bed!

Did I just hear BBC Radio 4 Today report that the NHS is running Windows XP on 90% of its computers?

If this is true, and not a dose of FAKE NEWS, then what the hell is going on?

Why have NHS Trusts not updated their operating systems?

Why has the UK Government not mandated them to do so?

Why has Microsoft not been able to convince NHS operators to upgrade their OS (operating system)?

What steps are being taken to protect UK national infrastructure and strategic resources?

It just occurred to me that our nuclear sub command and control system might be using Windows XP as well - nothing would surpise me any more!

If yes (and I hope not!) then maybe we should scrap Trident renewal and renew UK PLC operating systems instead.

Instead of a Trident Renewal Programme we could have an XP Replacement Programme.

Come on CND this is a gift for peaceniks everywhere: ban the bomb and XP!

Two bans for the price of one!

Sorry about all the exclamation marks!

Here's another one!

Listen to Radio4 Today (Sat 13 May 2017).

Read more: BBC News Report.

My manifesto for change!

If I were to draw up my own manifesto and run for Parliament it would include the following 7 propoals:

Happy Unique Complex Password Day!

joomla support coach trainer cheshire manchester merseyside uk

12.01 AM on the first Thursday in May saw the dawning of this year's World Password Day.

So I could wish you 'Happy World Password Day'.

But I would rather wish you a Happy Unique Complex Password Day instead!

Why wish you a Happy Unique Complex Password Day?

Using any old password will not protect you for more than a few seconds in the face of a brute force attack.

If you want to protect your Joomla! website or anything else from a brute force attack then you MUST use a UNIQUE and COMPLEX password for every application and website you use.

Have you lately checked your website's Page Load Speed?

joomla support coach trainer cheshire manchester merseyside uk

And if you did, what did you  find?

Following a recent Joomla! CMS update we checked the Page Load Speed of the Home Page of one of our demonstration websites.

We used the YSlow Browser Add-on.

We were not impressed when we saw the result!

jch isfun off d 67 

So we decided to check a few things, including whether:

  1. Page Caching was enabled,
  2. Gzip compression was enabled and supported by our hosting provider,
  3. we could make some changes to our website's .htaccess file to further improve performance.

All of the above helped, but we saw the biggest improvement when we installed and configured 3rd party extension: JCH Optimize.

When we re-tested our website's Page Load Speed we were mighty pleased!

See for yourself ...

Joomla! 3 Update History

joomla support coach trainer cheshire manchester merseyside uk

Joomla! 3 was launched in the last quarter of 2012.

Since then the average number of updates issued by the Joomla! Project has been 8.25 per year.

In 2016 the Joomla! Project issued 8 updates (5 bug fix & 3 critical security fixes).

In 2015 they issued 9 updates (5 bug fix & 4 critical security fixes).

Miss critical security updates at your peril.

Either get proactive or engage the services of another to be proactive for you.

Joomla! Community Magazine Stats for 2016 provide food for thought

joomla support coach trainer cheshire manchester merseyside ukIt was with interest this morning that I read in the Joomla! Community Magazine a summary of the online magazine's readership stats for 2016.

The stats were compiled using Google Analytics and shed some light on the nature and behaviour of the magazine's readership.

They serve as a useful model for businesses and organisations looking to make sense of the overwhelming amount of data that Google Analytics throws at you.

When reviewing Google Analytics it is important to focus on distilling some key findings to feed into your organisation's internet marketing strategy, rather than succumb to paralysis by analysis!

So what did I glean from my first scan and second slower reading of the Magazine's stats for 2016?

Read on to find out.

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