Responsive Mobile-friendly Website Design

We design totally responsive websites!

WYNCHCO website designs not only respond to the needs of your website's visitors.

They also respond to your needs as website owner!   

Why choose a WYNCHCO website design?


  1. We aim to put you in control of your website.
  2. We aim to unleash your creative side!

With a WYNCHCO website design you can perform your own website makeover in as few as 3 simple dabs of your finger.

Dab the image below to see what we mean ...

6 5 0 naked

Have you ever wanted to tweak your website's appearance?

Now you can!

Every WYNCHCO website design includes a long list of features which you can change at the dab of a finger.

For starters our 6-5 Template offers the menu of features shown below.

But why settle for a menu when you can have a smorgasbord?

responsive mobile-friendly website designJust ask!

No need to use any code.

Contact Customer Support on 0161 818 8228.



example layout

Display Format

Choose between FIXED and FLUID display formats.

  • FLUID: website container fills the screen on all devices.
  • STATIC: website container sits in the centre of the screen on large screen devices.


Choose the width of SIDEBAR to be displayed:

  • WIDE or


BACKGROUND refers to the layer of display which sits behind the CONTAINER when your website is viewed in a browser window.

example background

Choose to display the BACKGROUND as an:

  • IMAGE,
  • a COLOUR, or
  • BOTH at the same time.

When you choose to display an IMAGE then you may control when it is visible.

For examaple:

  • only on PCs,
  • only on Tablets (landscape) & PCs,
  • only on Tablets & PCs, or
  • across ALL devices, including Phones.

Choose what kind of BACKGROUND is displayed:

  • colour,
  • gradient,
  • repeating pattern, or
  • large image.


CONTAINER refers to the layer of display which sits in front of the BACKGROUND.

It comprises the MAIN BODY and MODULES.

example container

Change the appearance of the CONTAINER.


Change the size of website TEXT.

Increase or decrease LETTER SPACING.

Container Padding

Increase padding when you choose to display the Main Menu in the NAVBAR-DESKTOP position.

Container Corners

Remove round corners when you choose to remove space between the CONTAINER and the top of the browser window.


BOX refers to a MODULE which has been assigned a BOX STYLE SET.

BOX STYLE SETS enable rapid styling and re-styling of BOXES.

example boxes


  • SOLIDBOX, and

The image below illustrates the breadth of available STYLE SETS.


Change the Look & Feel of BOXES, including:

  • Heading Text Colour,
  • Heading Background Colour, and
  • Border Width & Colour.

The appearance of any MODULE which has been assigned the relevant BOX STYLE SET will be instantly changed.

More reasons to choose a WYNCHCO website design

We include a range of STYLE SETS in every WYNCHCO website design to enable you to deliver website content in response to the specific needs of visitors, based upon:

  • the type of device, and
  • the size of screen they are using.

Type of device

You can present a fast loading SIMPLIFIED view of your web pages on Phones & Tablets.

And a more COMPLEX detailed view when displayed on PCs and laptops.


  • faster page load speeds on small screen devices, and
  • improved performance in search engines. 

Screen size

In response to the size of screen being used, you can:

  • choose to display a DIFFERENT LAYOUT, or


  • reduced clutter on small screens,
  • improved user experience and
  • improved search engine results.

Visitors will:

  • spend longer time on page, and
  • be more likely to make a return visit. 

responsive mobile-friendly website designAbout WYNCHCO Solutions

When you request a WYNCHCO website design we will devote as much care and attention to its development as if it were our own.

Call Customer Support on 0161 818 8228.

Our commitment to you

Customer Consultation

We explore your design requirements at some length to ensure your WYNCHCO website design meets your needs.

Design & Review

We configure your WYNCHCO website's content and navigation, and create a template to project its unique look and feel.


When you are ready, we publish your WYNCHCO website, and if required, provide ongoing WYNCHCO Joomla! CMS Support.

Take a look at some recent WYNCHCO website designs

Here are three examples of how our WYNCHCO website designs have helped businesses and community groups in Cheshire, Greater Manchester, Merseyside, North West England & the UK.

Website Design for St Margaret's Primary School | Warrington | Cheshire | North West UKSt Margaret's CE Primary School - Warrington, Cheshire

The school were keen for parents to be able to view their website from their smartphone.

Our WYNCHCO website more than meets their needs.

Read more: Case Study.

Website Design for SIMON | Runcorn | Halton | North West UKSIMON Corrugating Machinery - Runcorn, Merseyside

When SIMON contacted us they were using a website created in-house using the Joomla! 1.5 CMS.

Now they use a custom WYNCHCO website design with the latest Joomla! 3 CMS.

Read more: Case Study.

wiremad smallYellows Independent Supporters Trust - Warrington, Cheshire

"Converted from our old static website, the new WYNCHCO website has a number of fantastic features that help promote Warrington Town and our ever growing (independent) Supporters Club."

Read more: Case Study.

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